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Web Access  


*Access the system by clicking the WebAccess icon above, and using the appropriate login name below.

For Freight Forwarding, Importers, Distributors & Agents:

User ID:       broker     (lower case only)
Password:   tyler231    (lower case only)

For Trucking Companies & Dispatchers:

User ID:       trucker     (lower case only)
Password:   tyler231    (lower case only)


Please make appropriate changes to internal firewalls, saved links, Favorites

- Our updated URL
- Ensure port 8080 is accessible
- If you need further assistance, click here to email the PNCT Help Desk for support.

Checking Availability for Import Containers:

You can check to see if an import container will be available for pickup on a particular date.

To Check Container Availability
- Click on Containers tab -> select Availability Inquiry from the navigation bar.
- Enter the container number in the Equipment ID field. Press the enter button after each entry if searching multiple containers.
- Select trucking company A111 from the Trucking Company drop-down list.
- Select the appropriate date from the drop down list
- Click on the Submit button.

Note: If there are any problems with the container’s status, a pop-up window will appear with the error message.


Viewing Container Details:

You can view extensive real-time container details through the Container Details.

To View Real-Time Container Details
- Click on Containers tab -> select Containers Detail from the navigation bar.
- Enter the equipment ID in the field.
- Click the Submit button.

Equipment Detail table appears providing available container information.

Viewing Equipment History Details:

You can view a list of every recorded event for a particular piece of equipment, such as gate-in, gate-out, any yard shifts, or terminal services.

To View The Equipment History Report
- Click on Containers tab -> select Containers History from the navigation bar.
- Enter the equipment ID in the field.
- Click the Submit button.

An equipment history table appears with the service event history.

Viewing Interchange Agreements:

You can view validity of interchange agreements between trucking companies and shipping lines.

To View Interchange Agreements
- Click on Gate tab -> select Interchange Agreements from the navigation bar.
- Select your company name from the Select a Trucking Company drop-down list or type correct SCAC code into field (using upper-case letters).
- Click the Submit button.

A list of interchange agreements appears.

Viewing EDO and Booking Information:

You can view a single equipment order by selecting EDO/Booking Details.

To View Booking/EDO Details
- Click on Containers tab -> select EDO/Booking Details from the navigation bar.
- Enter the booking or EDO number in the EDO/Booking field.
- Click the Submit button.

Note: If an Orders table appears listing each voyage associated with the Booking/EDO, click on the booking/EDO number link for one of the voyages.

Retrieved Information will show Booking/EDO details including: equipment types assigned, current equipment out against the order number, and current equipment received against the booking number.

Viewing Vessel Schedules:

The vessel schedule screen enables you to generate a report of all vessels scheduled at the terminal at a specified period of time. You can view vessels that have already arrived and departed, vessels that have arrived but have not yet embarked, and vessels that have not yet arrived.

To View Vessel Schedules
- Click on Ship tab -> select Schedule from the navigation bar.
- Enter the date range for vessels you want to view.
- Click the Submit button.

The Vessel Schedule table shows appropriate information.


Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in report and inquiry results, we are dependent on information from our customers and other sources and there are occasionally sudden changes (real-time) over which we have no control. PNCT, therefore, accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies, errors, or omissions contained in the report and inquiry results.

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