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Transaction Requirements

In order to process any transactions (Receiving and Delivery) at PNCT, please note the requirements below. Failure to comply with these requirements will cause delays and lead to potential and/or additional fees.

Driver/Truck must have valid Sealink card, TWIC card and RFID tag Beginning Monday, November, 10, 2014
Motor carriers with any issues relative to RFID tags can contact:
Port Truck Pass (PTP) Help Line at 1-866-758-3838, or PTP web-site address:

Please ensure that you do not idle your truck for more than three (3) minutes when stopped. Always turn off your truck when not occupied.

Empty Delivery :

- Valid Booking Number
- Container Size (Length/Height) and type

Import Delivery :

Check Status (demurrage/holds, etc) on Containers (973) 522-2250 Clear demurrage, Guarantee Containers or any fees contact 973-522-2239 

- Container Number
- Bill of Lading Number

Receive Export(s) :

- Export Booking Number
- Container Size (Length/Height) and type
- Proper Hazardous Cargo Documentation
- Titles of cars
- Over Dimensional Measurements
- Reefer Commodity and Temperature

Receive Empty :

 - Container Size (Length/Height) and type


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