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Before accessing the PNCT systems or information, please familiarize yourself with the Website Terms and Conditions of use. PNCT accepts no liability for any inconvenience, injury or losses caused through use of this website or information contained within it.

Community Access Portal

You can access a wide range of online queries and reports via our easy to use java based Community Access Portal application. Recommended for truckers, freight forwarders, Agents and brokers. This service allows you to perform quick and easy inquiries on and set alert notifications

- Container(s) availability/History
- Bookings Status
- Set alert notifications via email
- TIR's (printable)
- Release Status (Customs/Freight)
- Holds Status (Terminal/Government)
- Demurrage calculation
- Demurrage Guarantee through status (Available Soon)
- EDO (Equipment Delivery Order)
- Updated vessel schedule

Click the above Community Access Portal link for instructions to log on and use this service.

Navis N4
Navis N4 is our terminal operating system, accessed via Java web application. Recommended for Steam Ship Line clients.You will need a user ID and password to access this service. Contact the PNCT IT Help Desk to obtain a user id, forgotten passwords, or any other assistance with Navis N4.

To run Navis N4 you will need
- MS Internet Explorer 8 or above
- Java version 7 or above

Please call or email Customer Service to clear demurrage/fees or if you require further information: 973-522-2239

Business Inquiries
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